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Your Library Card

Who can get a card
Any resident, age 3 and up, within the city boundaries of Fairview Heights is eligible for a free library card. You must have a valid library card to check out materials or use the internet.

Non-resident fees
Non-residents may purchase cards for the going rate. Currently it is $88.00 per year, per household.  This rate is in effect through August 31, 2018.

How to Get Your Card
A Current Valid Illinois Photo ID with your current Fairview Heights address is required. If your photo ID does not have your current address you need to show one more from the following list:  Voter's registration, checkbook, tax receipt for address claimed, utility bill (phone, water, power), mortgage or deed, signed lease agreement or any piece of "official" current mail.  Other identification may be accepted at the discretion of the library staff. Children under 18 must have their card signed by a parent or legal guardian. Legal guardians MUST show proof of guardianship. LIBRARY CARDS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Borrowing Limits
On the first day the library card is issued, you are limited to five (5) items per card. Thereafter, you may check out unlimited numbers of items with these exceptions:

AUDIO MATERIALS (music CDs, CD Audio Books): a maximum of twenty-five (25) audio items on your record.

DVDs: a maximum of ten (10) visual items on your record.

Boxoffice DVDs 7-day: Two (2) per family for one (1) week only, no renewals.

VIDEO GAMES: Two (2) per family for three (3) weeks only, no renewals.

All materials circulate for three (3) weeks, except Video Games and Boxoffice DVDs 7-day.

Placing Holds
You may place holds on any item via phone, in-person, e-mail or through your online account (requires your library barcode and a PIN).

Renewing Your Borrowed Items
All items may be renewed if there are no holds on them, with the exception of Video Games, which cannot be renewed. Renewals may be made by phone, in-person or through your online account.

Library Fines
.10 per day per item with the exception of a .25 per day per item for Boxoffice DVDs 7-day & Video Games. You will not be able to use your card if your fines exceed $5.00. The library has an outdoor return box that you can use 24/7 for returning all library materials.

Reciprocal Borrowing

Your library card gives you power! You can use it at every public library in your area. You also can use your public library card at Illinois public libraries across the state. Some restrictions may apply on what you can borrow and for how long. You can also return the items to whichever library is most convenient for you.